Qi –Gong

Qi-Gong is one of 25 cancer support programs offered free of charge at Wellspring Chinguacousy thanks to the generous support of individuals and organizations in our community. 

What is Qi-Gong?
Qi-Gong is a popular form of complimentary mind-body medicine.  It involves breathing techniques, gentle body movement, and focused intention to cleanse, strengthen and enhance the natural flow of vital energy in the body called Qi. The word Qi in Qi-Gong means energy or life force and Gong means work.  People have been practicing Qi-Gong for over 5,000 years to improve mental and physical health, ease pain, improve quality of sleep and achieve a greater sense of well being.

Hae Kwang Robert who trained in Thailand and South Korea and has over twenty years of program experience conducts this class – the “ultimate stress reducer” – at Wellspring.    He is a Certified Herbalist, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and president of the Thai Holistic Practitioners Alliance (T.H.P.A).

Health Benefits
Hae Kwang Robert, states that Qi-Gong, “works in exactly the opposite way that stress does. It deeply rests the nervous system and restores the body to a calm state. It helps the body to repair itself and it improves the flow of Qi (energy) while reducing the physical effects of stress.”  As a result, “heart rate and breathing slows down, blood pressure improves, circulation and flexibility is enhanced and oxygen is used more efficiently. The body let’s go and immune function improves.”  Similar to Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, Qi-Gong teaches practitioners to “project into and balance the energy in their body. It restores the yin-yang balance and helps the body build reserve”.